Sunday, June 22, 2008

Return to the US

We're returning - at NVScene during NVISION 2008, all of us will be back in California! It will be 11 months after our last visit and we are really looking forward to it. We hope that all of the people we visited on our first Demoscene Outreach Tour will attend NVScene in San Jose in August. We will also be hanging out a few extra days, probably going back to San Francisco as well, so if you're around at that time, let us know.

The best way to let people know you're attending NVScene is to sign the registration list - - so please do that!


Greg said...

xgany plans to visit those you have already met or some other companies to see if there are even more ways to work with the demoscene?
keep us posted!

weatherall said...
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weatherall said...

I live in San Francisco and I'd love a chance to hang out during the weekend, or on evenings not during NVScene. I think gargaj has my email address, which I check and respond to frequently. My place is rather small... it fills up with 6+ people in it... but you're welcome to hang out here sometime.