Monday, August 18, 2008

NVScene in one week!

Whoa! In just one week it's time for NVScene in San Jose, California! If you live in the US, you REALLY can't afford to miss this! A three-day marathon of demoscene goodness (though you can come for just one day if you wish), with both demo and 4k intro competitions that are sure to blow your socks off. Also, the following guests will be attending from Europe and hosting talks and seminars throughout the event:

Navis/ASD, Bonzaj/Plastic, Chaos/Farbrausch, IQ/RGBA, Mentor/TBC, Preacher/Traction and Pixtur/Still, Gargaj/Conspiracy, Gloom/Excess^Portal Process & Steeler/Digitale Kultur.

How can you miss out on all this action? You can't! :) Register your attendance now (you want the "Demoscene seat" under "NVScene") and enjoy the really nice signup-bonus of getting both a copy of Softimage XSI Academic Edition and Spore, the highly anticipated game from Maxis.

See you at NVScene!

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