Monday, August 25, 2008

NVScene has started, Preacher on stage

We're on! This morning at 09:00, people started to coming into the hall and finding their seats, and right now it is 10:50, and Preacher is just wrapping up his talk. I don't have much time to add a long rant about how cool it was, just trust me.. this is AWESOME! The hall is already almost completely packed (!) - a quick headcount gives me 80+ people right now.

IQ is just about to start his talk now, so here are some pictures of the opening and such before I have to start photographing again. :)

Temis Nunez of NVIDIA opens NVScene!

People working while Preacher prepares his talk.

Preacher's "Superman VS Batman" demoscene comparison. :)

Preacher talking to a packed audience!

Front row packed as well!


xernobyl said...

### demoparty. people browsing pou√ęt ###

zoom said...

Can someone please elaborate on that superman vs. batman comparison? :)

Anonymous said...

zoom: I asked Preacher about it and he elaborated.

He said that the characters in the Batman movies are more developed, that they have good and bad sides, so the story lines in the Batman movies are more flexible. So, I guess the moral was to make demos more like "Batman" and less like "Superman".


zoom said...

heh, thanks :)