Saturday, August 23, 2008

Arrived in San Jose!

After having been up since 04:00 this morning (which will make this my 24 waking hour today) we have finally arrived in San Jose. I ended up on the same plane as Pixtur, Chaos, Navis and Ekki and when we got to San Franciso we were picked up in a limo which was sort of absurd, but quite fun. :)

We're all in the middle of organizing the party now, so here are just a few quick snapshots:

This is the NVScene lounge - a BBQ and beer (!) area right next to the NVScene partyhall.

(from left to right) Preacher, Navis, Temis, Gargaj, IQ, Pixtur and Steeler are checking out the NVScene area which is being set up right now.

(from left to right) IQ, Temis, Pixtur and Preacher is inspecting the NVScene seminar room.


blackpawn said...

cool! ryiinn and i just arrived as well

Anonymous said...

Does NVScene still have its own dedicated party space?


Gloom said...

Yes, there is a big room, just for us. We also have our own bar :)