Thursday, November 1, 2007

Meeting with the Adobe Flash team

The crowd at Adobe, about 20 people came to see our presentation.

Today we had a meeting at Adobe, with their Flash team. The meeting room was packed (people had to sit on the floor actually) and they applauded after the demos which is always really nice to see (especially when we are not the ones who start the applause :)

Same crowd, different angle. :)

We showed a Flash demo as well this time (because it was really relevant to them) and almost immediately the questions began to pile up - we answered as best we could, not being the ones who made that demo). We have been asked what demos we show and that really changes for every place we visit. The tracklist (a short one, since our meeting was not that long) for the Adobe visit was as follows:
One of the slides from our presentation, showing a.D.D.i.c.t 2, the Conspiracy intro tool.

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Gargaj said...

I liked the part that most people came in WHILE having a lunch :)