Sunday, November 11, 2007

Some more pictures

Approaching San Francisco (and about time as well - we'd been airborne for over 10 hours :)

Yeah yeah, I know it's "TimbAland", but it's still funny. :)

The roads were actually pretty horrible, and the people drove like animals.

Yes, the Pixar lunch area is actually named "Cafe Luxo" :)

Yes! We found an old ZAXXON arcade machine in the Pixar offices! :)

STEAM'07 - now in the Bay Area!

Steeler doing Q&A at Industrial Light and Magic.


xernobyl said...

We want M0ARrRrRr!!!1!11!one!!1111!!1eleven!!!1

lis said...

Make a diary with these photos and videos. This is history :)

cTrix said...

Wow. As "Lis" said, this was certainly history in the making. It is just a matter of keeping the demoscene inspired and alive (i'll do my bit) for all the generations.

It is certainly awesome to hear you were recieved so well by all parties involved :-) And your pixar 4k was an awesome idea!

ayame said...

10h... wow :)

Photos & Videos Rules! :)