Wednesday, October 31, 2007


The outreach gang at the NVIDIA offices.

Okay, so we are nearing the end of our presentation at NVIDIA - everything is going well and the spirits are high.. and then..? Earthquake! We kid you not. 5.6 on the Richter scale. :) Read more about it at
"My God, I felt like running because the roof might come down on my head," she told the AP. "I've never felt anything like this in 16 years in the United States."
We felt it pretty well too. People looked kind of scared and started heading for the exits. Unfortunately we weren't quick enough with the camera, but here is a short post-quake clip (recorded around 10 seconds after it stopped - the roof-lights were still moving):

(Ed.note: The guy who wishes us "Welcome to California!" is
Rob Csongor, the VP of Corporate Marketing @ NVIDIA)

..and here are some images from our day at NVIDIA (which was actually close to a full day - we got there at around 16:00 and just got back to the appartment, like, thirty minutes ago :)

"Is everybody in? Is everybody in? The presentation is about to begin.." (Which demo is that from? :)

"The Popular Demo" is always a crowdpleaser.

All in all it was a great day, albeit long. :) Tomorrow it's time for Industrial Light and Magic and Lucasfilm.. but now.. nighty night - sleep tight - don't let the "post-earthquake" bugs bite!


Anonymous said...

The Popular Demo? Aw ye damn sellouts... ;)

xernobyl said...

Is that a C64 emulator on the laptop closest to the viewpoint?
Did you show them some C64 demos?

Anonymous said...

Wohoo, my videocam has been in an earthquake :D

(yeah, all video is thanks to me getting a videocam and never using it, and thus lending it to Gloom :)

Unlock said...

What would a trip to California be without earthquakes? ;-) Steeler, great shirt!

Anonymous said...

Did you *really* have to take pics when I walked out of the room? :)

Nice C64 laptop.

- Temis

sml said...

verses/emf? ;)

Gloom said...

Temis: Oh, we have _lots_ of pictures of you. :)

Gloom said...

sml: Yes! Points to you Sir :)