Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Our schedule

Some people have asked us what our schedule looks like, and even though not everything is 100% decided, the days are as follows:
  • Tuesday (today): NVIDIA
  • Wednesday (31.10): Industrial Light and Magic / Lucasfilm
  • Thursday (01.11): Adobe
  • Friday (02.11): Pixar and Bay Area Visual Effect Society
Our plan is to keep you updated here both before and after our visits, so keep coming back for more. Now that Gloom has tackled the first use of iMovie HD on his Mac there will probable be a bit more videos as well (you said you wanted them - who are we to disregard public opinion? :)

Nevertheless right now we are waiting for the NVIDIA guy to go to Santa Clara in some minutes. So heading off now ;) Bye!


Anonymous said...

the scene spirit will be with you :D I´ll check again soon for new kewl stories... kthx, gtx d!RT!E/mdS

k9d k said...

hi guys! k9d of northern dragons checking in, i live in san francisco, we should grab some food or drink together!

Ian said...


(also in the bay area)

Trixter said...

May the shadebob gods be with ye. And hopefully the MindCandy DVDs will help spread the good word as well...