Monday, October 29, 2007

Finally arrived

Gargaj took this picture of the sunset from San Francisco Int'l Airport.

After being on the road since 05:00, we finally arrived in San Francisco yesterday (it's now 08:27 over here). We met Sebastian (Shiva of Kolor), who works at Adobe, and has kindly let us stay in his apartment. After we picked up the rented car we had to spend some time on an american freeway (which was eerie and scary at the same time :) we arrived downtown and settled in to Sebastians apartment.

Some chilling later, we went shopping for food and boy.. there are some weird stuff available here! More later today.


Frank Michlick said...

If you change your tour plans and come by Toronto by any chance, let me know :)

Otherwise have safe travels my friends. San Francisco is a beautiful city, always like visiting there.

Gargaj, Steeler & Gloom said...

Probably not that convenient for us to go to Canada, no. :) But yeah - San Francisco seems nice, though very foggy today. :)