Monday, October 29, 2007


We actually do work as well. Preparing for the first of our presentations, taking place tomorrow (at NVIDIA). The foundation of the Bay Bridge is barely visible through the window.


xernobyl said...

Make demos not presentations ;P

What timezone are you using in the posts? Please use UTC or ECT ;)
I'm not sure when is tomorrow now so good luck at NVIDIA. Is the presentation standalone or is it part of something bigger?

Gloom said...

We are actually in "-8 Pacific Time" - the time is 18:05 here in San Francisco right now.

The presentation is in two parts actually - one "public" and another with key personell there.

Claudia said...

good luck guys, give them hell!

rarefluid said...

Hey guys.

Really appreciate what you're doing. Have fun and give those people a good insight into what the scene is about.
And nice to see you doing stuff like this for so many years now, Steeler! I guess being a M&S host hardened you for basically ANY presentation in the world ;)

Steeler said...

Well, it practically did ;)