Sunday, October 28, 2007


Hello everyone. This page is about a noble (not to be confused with Nobel) effort to spread the word (and joy) of the demoscene to the other side of the globe - from Europe to The United States of America (and we don't mean that one member of Farbrausch :).

The trip began on the 27th of October, when Gloom and Gargaj traveled to Hamburg, Germany, to meet up with Steeler and leave for San Francisco the following day (today - we're waiting at the airport in London for our connecting flight, that's why we're writing this right now).

On our trip we will visit (and hold presentations for) among others; Pixar Animation Studio (link), Industrial Light and Magic (link) and Lucas Films (link), NVIDIA (link) and the San Francisco chapter of The Visual Effects Society (link).

We will try to update it as often as possible. In the meantime, stay tuned .. to! :)


Lis said...

Have a nice stay!

kaneel said...

good luck with it boys!

Anonymous said...


Be sure to say a big fuckings to Dr. Jekyll of dubious Andromeda fame when you guys visit Pixar! And please tell him that rammhet er veien til julekakene.


Archmage of Andromeda

Soolta said...

good luck. \o/