Sunday, October 28, 2007

The long wait .. for the longer flight

We're currently at Heathrow airport in London, waiting. Steeler is filling up his PSP with music for the 11.5 hour long flight (!) to San Francisco. Gargaj is creating music of his own (from where I sit, it sounds sweet :) and Gloom .. well, he's writing this. :)

Let's start by filling you in on some of the things that happened yesterday. Boring, yet not as boring that it didn't deserve being photographed.

"Heavy" - yeah, no shit. I have a pain in my right arm to prove it as well.

Steeler picked up me and Gargaj at the airport in the cleanest car in the world!

Gargaj - the cuddliest of the sceners (New! Version 1.2 with a goate!)

The cuddly scener brought me "Culture Crash" from Budapest! (Editors note: "Culture Crash" is my name for this baked dessert. It's actually called "Kürtöskalács" but come on - who can pronounce that?)

Proof that the UK is turning more and more Orwellian with each passing day - the sign says "This is a manual air condition that turns off automatically. The button needs to be pushed every 20 minutes for continued operation." or something to that effect. "Holy mind-numbing indoctrination, Batman!"

There were some more pictures, but for some reason Blogger doesn't seem to want to play with The Cloud WiFi hotspot right now. As the old Monthy Python saying goes: "Oh well, can't be helped, can't be helped.."


Lis said...

It's nice to hear what's going on. Surprisingly! Have a nice trip and know that we all are thinking of you while yoy are a long way from home. Give the Americans a taste of what free labour can express. And remember to change socks every day...

Anonymous said...

Hope you guys have a great (and successful) time!


Gloom said...

Thanks :) We'll keep clean socks on hand!

Anonymous said...

Clean socks are supposed to go on the feet, not hands. Silly Europeans...